Step 1
free consultation

We will work with you over the phone or in person at our retail store to sketch out the design for your custom piece. After we work with you on the design we will give you an estimated price.

Step 2
Design and 3d print

We take the design from step one and design it in a 3D software. Then we print out your design using the latest 3D resin printing software.

Step 3
Mold and Cast

We use the 3D printed model of your design to create a mold and cast that mold in the material of your choice.

Step 4
Set and polish

After your design has been cast, our master jeweler will set any stones if your design has them. He will then polish and shine your design to perfection.

Step 5
Sign off and ship

After your custom order is finished, we will check to make sure you love it. If you give the final okay, you can pick it up in store, or we will ship it to you!